Terms and Conditions

By signing up for the erpSync service ("Service") or any of the services of erpSync Inc. ("erpSync") you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service"). Any new features or tools that are added to the current Service shall be also subject to the Terms of Service. You are advised to check the Terms of Service from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.
You can review a full and most current version of our Terms of Service here


Don't use erpSync for anything illegal or transmit any harmful code. Remember that with any violation of these terms we will cancel your service.


The erpSync service belongs to us. You are not allowed to rip-it-off. Your content may be transferred unencrypted and may be altered, but credit card information is always encrypted.


We can modify, cancel or refuse the service at anytime.


To initiate a cancellation, email [email protected] erpSync will respond with specific information regarding the cancellation process for your account. Once cancellation is confirmed, all your content will be permanently deleted. If you cancel in the middle of the month, you'll have one last e-mail invoice. We may change or cancel the erpSync service at anytime. Any fraud and we will suspend or cancel your account.


If erpSync chooses not to enforce any of these provisions at any time, it does not mean that they give up that right later.


You can use our default theme and modify it to your needs or you can hire a designer to create Themes for you, but respect that the designers may own such Themes, so don't infringe on their rights. For Theme-related problems, contact the designer.


For live payment gateways, a valid credit card is required. You will be billed every 30 days and have 2 weeks to pay. Tax is not included and will be billed to your credit card. If you're exempt from Australian taxes, let us know by giving us your original exemption certificate and we'll stop adding taxes to your bill. No refunds.


We are not responsible if you break the law, breach this agreement or go against the rights of a third party, especially if you get sued. Service is "as is" so it may have errors or interruptions and we provide no warranties.


We may change or discontinue the service at anytime, without liability.


If you believe one of our merchants is infringing your intellectual property rights, you can send erpSync a DMCA Notice. We will expeditiously disable access or remove the content and notify the merchant. Be advised that we post all notices we receive.

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